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Services Offered: Lead Generation, Cold Calling, Follow-Ups, Database Clean-up, Inside Sales, Sales Training, Full Sales Cycle, Telemarketing, Inbound Calls, Email Marketing, Outbound Calls

To most people, the word telemarketer has a negative connotation.  ​In 1999, it started as a new way for me to make money as a salesman, and fast forwarding to 2013, telemarketer has become the word I use to identify myself. I am a true telemarketer, meaning I make my living making phone calls everyday, all day. 

  • Need a part-time salesperson?
  • Need someone to fill your Outside/Territory Managers' calendars?
  • ​Need Warm Leads ready to expect your call?
  • Looking to introduce a new product and need Market Research?
  • Looking to reach a minimum number of users per day/week/month?

I am located in a very quiet area in the country of Southern Georgia (I do not have an accent). I have a home office, fully converted to VoIP, with unlimited access to the WWW and Telephone, therefore, I am able to keep my costs to you at a minimum. 

After a consultation where I get to understand your business, product or service, along with who your ideal prospect is and what results define a successful campaign, I will create a script to work with, and per your approval, begin a calling campaign. I can either work with your existing database or source leads on your behalf providing regular weekly reports on your campaign so that you can see the progress that is being made.

Thank you,

William Lovell

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